chicken madness

14 08 2009

I’m always wondering about how to do more at home. I want to make my own yogurt, try making cheese, and maybe even get some chickens for the backyard! I know my beloved is going to roll his eyes over that last one which means I had better be sure I know what I’m doing before I start. So I plan to watch the new documentary Mad City Chickens and find out if you really do have to be MAD for such a thing.

It just so happens that tonight is the perfect night to watch it because it is playing outdoors in Dundonald Park in Ottawa, starting at 9pm. Admission is free but donations are appreciated. As if that weren’t enough, the Ottawa Locavore Club is hosting a potluck picnic before the screening, starting at 6:30pm. Bring your favourite dish of finger foods (made from at LEAST one local ingredient) or a jug of locally made beverage. And don’t forget your reusable mug!




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14 08 2009

Please let me know how it is!

Madness? Maybe. But you aren’t alone. N and I have been discussing the idea too. Local, free-range (truely free-range) chicken and eggs (or is that eggs and chickens?) are the few products we are having a challenge finding locally.

15 09 2009

Backyard chickens – great in theory but not so easy in practice as the city of Ottawa quietly changed the laws a few years back and this is now, sadly, prohibited here. Seems it’s the same across much of urban North America.

I know from on-line research there’ve been attempts by small interest groups and individuals to have them allowed again but it would likely take a larger and better organized group to have a chance of making it happen …

Nice site, by the way – very much in line with much of my thinking!

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