To hit pay dirt is to find success in something you’ve been working towards. Like sustainable living, growing a garden, participating in the local economy, and eating well – that’s what I’m working towards these days.

I do this all in and around Ottawa. I’m still figuring out what my gardening zone is, but I think it’s 5a, maybe 5b… I’m pretty sure it’s 5something. This is how I approach gardening – cooking too – with just a smidge of abandon.

Thanks so much for visiting HPD. Stick around and leave a comment – I love hearing from you! And come back soon to hit pay dirt with me.




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17 06 2008

It’s a tomato emergency! Call me! I want to give you tomato plants tomorrow!

P.S. I’ll be out your way golfing at the Canadian Country Club off Hwy. 7 and can meet you/bring them to you. Let me know! ASAP! 🙂

18 06 2008
gardeners are givers « hit pay dirt

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28 10 2008

Do you have an RSS feed? I can’t find it anywhere on your site.

11 11 2008

Madrisa, thanks to YOU I figured out how to install an RSS feed. Woo hoo – I’m a genius! You can find it in the sidebar menu. Thanks for pushing me to do this. 🙂


10 12 2011
Urban Girl

Love your foraged finds section!

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