free food! free food!

13 05 2009

Have you noticed how GREEN everything is these days? You may be anxious for your garden to start sprouting green goodness as well, but who needs a garden to eat local? Spring foraging is upon us!

Wild leeks (or wild garlic, depending on where you’re from) can be found in wooded areas around this time of year. Use it like a leek and savour its garlicky zing on your tongue.

Fiddleheads OH how I love you fried up in butter. So green and yummy. I’m sure you’re one of the reasons my doctor tells me I’m as fit as a fiddle.

Morels! Unlike a lot of the edible mushrooms, the prized morel is found in the springtime. We like to saute them and add them to a bed of lettuce with some shaved parmesan. Drizzle with warm oil and you’re in heaven.

(And I’m sorry, I am COMPELLED to add this note: it doesn’t matter how many times I post about mushroom foraging, I have to reiterate the same warning: Do NOT forage for mushrooms unless you’re DARN SURE you know what you’re doing. There. Now you can enjoy your mushrooms.)


peas in earth

1 05 2009

The peas are coming! The peas are coming! This is SO exciting because last year they didn’t grow at all. Last year, I planted them too late when the soil was already warm. They were stubborn and refused to come out. But this year, I planted them EARLY – hmm, maybe three weeks ago, but I’ve had trouble keeping track of time since this happened – and whaddya know? This year they GREW!

spring growth

18 04 2009


Everything is pushing it’s way UP out of the soil and into the world! We’ve got lots of seedlings started at HPD… hot peppers, eggplants, THREE types of tomatoes, tobacco (for my brother, who doesn’t smoke…!?! Don’t ask…), spring onions and leeks. Peas and carrots have been planted outside – and yes, I plan to be a little smarter with my carrots this year.

So hip hip HOORAY for spring!!!

my new life

9 04 2009

Wow. There is a lot about motherhood that nobody told me – a WHOLE LOT. Like breastfeeding. I’d had visions of feeding my lovely Josephine every couple of hours, and in between I would fit in a run or yoga class, maybe plant some seeds, or write a blog post. HA. Yes – HA HAHAHAHAHHHAHAAA!!! Now, you certainly know that I haven’t been writing blog posts (soooo sorry), and I laugh at the idea of having enough time to go to a yoga class. But I can tell you that in the ten free minutes I usually get between when one feed ends and another begins, I have at least managed to plant some seeds. Woo hooooo! And as you experienced gardeners already know, it is JUST as exciting watching them poke their heads through the soil this year as it was last year. I just have a whole lot less time to watch them!


just in time for spring

8 03 2009

Just a quick update to let you know that our gorgeous little bundle of joy arrived on Febuary 26th. Say hello to Josephine Elizabeth!!!

a rose is a rose is a…

13 02 2009

If you’re looking to treat your sweetie (or yourself!) to some flowers this Valentine’s Day, you may want to stop and think about the distance that most flowers travel to get to you… Many of the Valentine roses you see in florists are flown from places like Ecuador – a far-off, wonderful country which you should support, but NOT through its rose industry.

And WHY are these flowers coming from so far away, when there are local roses growing right here in the Ottawa area??? YES, you heard me – local roses in Ottawa in the middle of February! And not just roses, but snapdragons, irises, lilies and more. Carleton Growers is located just outside Carp and they supply fresh-cut flowers to the Ottawa area. You can visit them yourselves to pick up a beautiful bouquet, or you can ask your local florist to order from them directly.

seed packages

3 02 2009

OH it’s like Christmas in February when your seeds arrive! And mine have, so HAPPY day! Once again, I ordered my seeds with no real plan as to how I’m going to fit them all into the garden. This will probably mean another garden bed added this year… and maybe sticking a dozen or so tomato plants in my mom’s garden when she’s not looking – shhh.

So now it’s on to setting up a seed-starting schedule. And if my little bundle of joy decides to come late, then I should be able to get some eggplants and hot peppers started before the end of the month. If not, it’s anyone’s guess what seed schedule I will keep!