my freezer runneth over

9 09 2008


I am running out of space in my freezer. I suppose this is a good thing. It must mean that we’ve stored lots of food, right?!? But I can’t help and think of all that’s left. WE ARE AT THE HEIGHT OF THE HARVEST, PEOPLE. There’s so much more that can be stored…

Thank goodness I still have lots of canning jars left.


Rhu the day…

27 05 2008

…that’s what you’ll do, if you don’t find some rhubarb for freezing soon! The season for rhubarb has most CERTAINLY begun up in the Ottawa area. But in your frenzy for all the lovely dishes you can make with the fresh stuff, remember to freeze some rhubarb for those cold winter months. It’s so ridiculously easy you’d be kicking yourself if you didn’t.

Once you hunt down the not-so-elusive rhubarb patch (hopefully with the owner’s consent) pull as much of it as you think is reasonable. That’s right, PULL. Don’t pull the new stalks that are still finding their way, but the young stalks that have pushed their way to the top are definitely fair game. The rhubarb should come out of the ground easily.

Then, with your machete – and WHO doesn’t have one of these on their hipster belt?!? – hack off the poisonous leaf, as well as an inch off the end that you just pulled from the ground. Once you’re done harvesting the stalks, bring your haul inside for some washing.

Lastly, chop the rhubarb stalks up into pieces – the pieces should be half an inch to an inch long. Throw them into a freezer-friendly bag, seal, and toss it all into the freezer.

Come February, when you can use this frozen stash in all your favourite rhubarb recipes, your taste buds will thank you!